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Southeast Oklahoma Real Estate

Selling Oklahoma ranches, farms, hunting properties, and homes

669 west 13th street - p.o. box 118
                               atoka, oklahoma 74525                                         

(580) 889-7977

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January 19, 2022

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Information on Southeast Oklahoma ranches, recreational land, farms, large ranches and other real estate homes and acreages  Oklahoma Ranches and homes for sale.

Cheyenne Stanley - sales associate - Farm and ranch SPECIALIST- (918) 557-5308 - cheyennestanley@yahoo.com

Cheyenne was born and raised in SE Oklahoma.  His knowledge of land is vast.  He knows land, land owners, hunting, cattle, grasses.  Give Cheyenne a call.

Kaci Lea Stanley - sales associate - "THE STANLEY DUO" - (918) 557-4120 - kacistanley1@yahoo.com

Melissa Dingle, D.C. - sales associate - (903)-815-5630   mbdingledc@aol.com

Jessica "Jesse" Merryman - sales associate - (580)-740-0502 - jessicarosemerryman@gmail.com

Our newest associate and so proud to have her.

Jennifer Batenhorst - sales associate - (405)-635-4558 - jhcattleco@hotmail.com

Glenda McBride - sales associate- (580)-364-3135 - glenda_mcbride@yahoo.com

Glenda was born and raised in the Caney area of Oklahoma.  Everyone knows and loves Glenda.  She will work her heart out for you.

Sheryl and Todd Simonson - sales associates - Auctioneers - (800)762-9173 - sales@caneyagequipment.com www.southernauctionco.com

Patty Dingle - Broker - (580) 889-7977

We are the real estate professionals serving Southeast Oklahoma.

Specializing in selling

Ranches - Farms - Acreages - Recreational Land - Homes

OKLAHOMA - Native America

More than anything else, Oklahoma is a celebration of the great outdoors.  The only limitations for enjoying Oklahoma are imposed by your imagination!

Oklahoma's 12 distinct ecosystems include landscapes that range from mesas and sand dunes in the southwest to wetlands in the southeast, and mountains, wilderness and prairies in between. Mountains, streams, forests, lakes and even sandy beaches can be found in this state, with 51 state parks and numerous wildlife refuges create big opportunities for outdoor recreation. Oklahoma has the nation's largest Native American population, home to 39 tribes and nations, heavily influencing its arts, culture and festivals, including the largest Native American festival in the world - Red Earth held every June in Oklahoma City. The Southeast region of Oklahoma alone has seven mountain ranges, 10 state parks and 23 lakes with countless streams and rivers. This area is also known as the "deer capital of the world" with 750,000 acres of wild game!

 Welcome Home to Southeastern Oklahoma ranch country.   Nature is at its best.  Shimmering, silent, and picturesque rivers and creeks traverse its prairies and hills.  In some places the rivers and creeks have been corraled just long enough to create perfect lakes for boating, swimming and fishing.  Lakes and creeks and ponds where the bass jump just high enough to catch the passing bug, and the Stripper and Catfish invite you to try to catch them.  It is a hushed world carpeted by pine trees, oak trees and shaded in deep forest green.  Deer, wild turkey, owls, and racoons flourish in the wilderness to make this a true hunting paradise.  The grasses, climate, and water availability make this area a paradise for the cattle rancher.  Ranches and farms, with fattened cattle and content horses dot the horizon.  Whether you are looking for 5 acres to retire on, thousands of acres to raise cattle on, a few hundred acres to hunt deer or game on, or just a few lakes and ponds to fish in, Southeastern Oklahoma is the place to be.

patty dingle home and land company specializes in selling Oklahoma ranches and other rural real estates.   Patty has been selling real estate in Southeast Oklahoma since 1979 and established the busniess with professionalism, honesty and hard work.  Let Patty and her team help you find your dream property.

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