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Approximately 264 acres of recreational and hunting land, located less than 20 miles North of Durant, Oklahoma, in Johnston County.

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This place is set up and ready to hunt TODAY!

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There is county road frontage with water and electricity that run along the county road.

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There are huge food plots already planted and growing with Australian Peas, winter wheat, annual rye grass, clover and oats.

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There are lots of roads, shooting lanes and trails that already exist.

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There are several nice places to build a hunting cabin....or home.

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There are 2 ponds on the property.

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This is a great place to get out in the country and ride ATVs.

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This property could be a great investment property.  The land North of Durant, Oklahoma, is rapidly appreciating.

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Wildlife! Wildlife! Wildlife!   This property has it!

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With a large escrow deposit, the Seller would consider giving possession and hunting rights prior to closing.

Priced at $495,000

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