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3741.25+ acres located in the Jackfork Mountains of Pittsburg County, Oklahoma.

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This scenic ranch has been used as a family getaway and in Christian ministry as a retreat.

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The Jack Fork Mountains are covered with native pine and hardwood.  The valley is a sandy loam.

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The ranch foreman said that the 1250+/- acres of bottom land are capable of handling 300 AUs and cut enough grass hay to feed them.  If no cattle are run on the property, over 1,000+/- large round bales of hay have been cut.  30 ponds are scattered throughout the property and numerous wet weather drainages that come off of the mountains. 

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5 pole barns are located throughout the hay meadows.

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There is a 25' x 33' shop and 2 36' x 72' garages with numerous sheds and pole barns throughout the property.

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2.5+/- miles of Mud Creek meander throughout the bottom.

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Elevations on the ranch range from 640 feet to 1460 feet.  There are over 2200 acres of native pine and hardwoods on the mountains.  The perimeter of the bottom land is fenced and cross fenced.  The perimeter of the mountains is not fenced.

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Selective cutting of the timber could be an additional source of income.  The hills are home to Whitetail deer, Eastern turkey, wild hogs, ducks, Dove and Quail.

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There are approximately 1250 acres of sandy loam bottom land.  The bottom land is nestled between 2 mountains in the Jack Fork Mountain range. It is boundary fenced with some cross fencing.  The fences are in fair to poor condition.

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There is a 4,047 sq. ft. lodge with 9 bedrooms, 10 baths, 2 masonry fireplace, a full basement and an open porch that overlook the pool.  The pool is located between the lodge and a 2,640 sq. ft. conference center. The conference center has 2 rooms with bunk beds, 2 bathrooms and a large gathering area.

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There are numerous areas for hiking, ATVs and just sitting to enjoy the views.  Truly a peaceful area.

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There are just too many bedrooms to picture them all.  The above is just a smattering of the lodge bedrooms.

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With towering pines, tails, amazing views and peaceful gazebos one could get lost in their own thoughts and reflections.

Please call Cheyenne at 918-557-5308 to arrange your viewing.

Priced at $775 per acre

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