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The Atoka County Times is for sale!!!!

HOWEVER, it is still in full production

Atoka's valued news source has been in operation for 70 years.  It was acquired by the Cain family in 1972, and has been under their ownership for 49 years.  We are at the end of an era amd looking for someone to pick up and carry on.

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The current building at 1004 West 13th Street, Atoka, Oklahoma, was built in 1996.  It contains 2542 sq. ft. of heated area and sits on 1+/- acres.

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The entire building is well lit with 76  4' light fixtures.  There is ample parking in front and all around the building.  There is a public bath off of the main lobby. 

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There are 4 private offices.  The editors office is 10' x 16'.  One office is 10' x 11' and the remaining 2 offices are 10' x 10'.  There is a private bath to service 2 of the offices.

2 of the offices are off of the working area where the newspaper is created.  A private bath services that area.


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The above pictures are the of the work area.  The work area includes a darkroom, storage area and layout tables.

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A comfortable break room is at the back of the work room area.

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The state has acquired 20' on the front of the property for the expansion of highway 7.  The original plot of land was 1.1 acres.  Minus the 20' leaves 1+/- acres.

The building and land are for sale for $275,000. ( the appraised value is $300.00). The newspaper business is, also, for sale for $200,000.  That includes the equipment and furnishings in the building for operating the newspaper.   Information on the business is available on request.


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