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Medical Office building

Located on US Highway # 69/75 in Atoka, Oklahoma.

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This medical office building was built by an Optomitrist in 1998.  The Doctor has retired. There are 1700 sq. ft.   It is located in a highly visable area along US Highway 69/75.

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Above pictures are of the reception area.

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The office staff has great counter and storage space.  There are 2 half baths in the office.  One is off of the reception area and one is for the staff in the back of the office.

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There is a large central room and 3 exam rooms. 

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There are 3 lab areas.

The office could easily convert to any type of doctor's offices or other office.  Have you ever thought of relocating your office to a great small town?  Here is your chance!

Zoned commerical and ready to move into.

Priced at $209,000

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