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545 acres located off of State Hhighway 48 near Clarita, Oklahoma, in Coal County.

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This place has it all.   It is private.  It has water.....beautiful ponds and Goose Creek.   Goose Creek has a good low water crossing area.

This place has it all!

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This property has elevation changes and lush Pecan bottoms and meadows

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There are good cattle pens and weaving traps.  They are services by well water.

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60 head of cattle are included in the sale.

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Over a mile of private, dead end road leads to the home on the hill.

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The property is mostly timber around the edges.

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A 2016 flatbed Ford with a hay bed on it, an older tractor with brush hog and numerous smaller items go with the sale.

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The home is a well maintained country home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  It is serviced by well water. 

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This home sits at the end of about a mile of privately owned winding road.  It is on a hill that overlooks a beautiful lake.

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The Seller requires the Buyers be pre-approved before viewing the ranch.  The Seller is requiring a large deposit to bind the sale.

Priced at $1.6 million - FIRM

Call or text Cheyenne to make arrangements for viewing.

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