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An amazing opportunity to own some prime commercial land.

borders43.49aerial.jpg (253150 bytes)

43.49 acres with 1400+ feet of US highway 69/75 highway.

Property is located between Atoka and Tushka, Oklahoma, and 250 feet from the center of US 69/75 is in the city limits of Atoka, Oklahoma.  A 4 inch water line runs along the front of the property  The property is located in an area of an industrial and rapidly growing retail area. It is approximately 35 miles North of the Choctaw Casino at Durant.

Borders street views4.jpg (373808 bytes)

Borders street views 5 .jpg (394341 bytes)

The property (wooded area on right side of picture) has 0ver 1400 linear feet along US 69/75.

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Borders street view2.jpg (380139 bytes)

Borders stret view3.jpg (407525 bytes)

The property to the left is the Google aerial view.  The picture to the right shows the south border of the property that joins a commercial business.

The property is unimproved and wooded with cedar trees.  It appears there may be 2 small ponds on the property....has not been verified.  No other commercial property around this area is available.

Priced at $550,000.00

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