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A 1700 sq. ft. office building on US 69/75 in Atoka, Oklahoma.

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The building is located on the corner of US 69/75 and 2nd street in Atoka, Oklahoma.  It was built in 1989.  The lot size is 100' x 117'.

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There is an entry foyer, with a window into the main area of the is potentially a great waiting area or a playroom for children to play while their parents are taking care of business.

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The great room is large enough to be divided into cubicles.  Lighting is excellent.  3 offices go off of the great room.  There is a half bath off of the room, plus, 3 nice closets.

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The 3 offices havewindows to the outside and excellent lighting.  There are lots of electrical outlets along the walls for computers, printer, etc

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There are 2 half baths and a utility room.  The utility room is equipped with a sink.

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The office is a well built building in a high visibility area.

Priced at $205,000   -   shown by appointment

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