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40 acres in historic Bromide, Oklahoma!  Bromide is where the original Jesse James gang had their hideout caves.  This property is less than 1/2 mile from there.

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It is located on a dead end road and is 3/4 surrounded by timbered tracts with freak genetics on deer.

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There is a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath cabin for weekenders get aways!

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Over 1/3 of place is suitable for winter/summer food plots.  You might run a few cows and have a recreational place to hunt and camp.  There is a small pond on the property that holds enough water for wildlife.  However, it would need to be cleaned out for cattle use.  The property adjoining on the North has a 20 acre lake.  If you are a good neighbor, you could possibly trade out fishing rights.

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The property is 100% fenced.

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The cabin is certainly not fancy, but, it is solid and a great weekend place to get away from the hipe of the city.   OR, it would be ideal for the young couple as a first place they might want to own.

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Priced at $165,000 - firm   You really must see the whole area to appreciate.  It is rare to find a small tract of this size for sale in this unique area.  With a good escrow deposit, owner would allow immediate possession to be able to hunt this season!

Call or text Cheyenne @ 918-557-5308 to arrange to view.

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