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1231 Willow Bend Lane      Atoka, Oklahoma 74525

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A 2826 sq. ft. home built in 2013 in the Oakhill Addition to the city of Atoka, Oklahoma.  The home sits on 1.79 acres.   It is serviced by all city utilities.  A concrete drive takes you from the street to the double garage.

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The home has 2 covered patios.   One is off of the kitchen family dining area and one is off of the master bedroom.

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1.79 acres makes for a spacious back yard.  Oakhill is a great, quiet neighborhood.

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The floors throughout the home are tile planks.....beautiful, sturdy and easy care.  There is crown molding throughout the entire home.  The fireplace is electric.  An abundance of can lights with dimmers gives excellent light in the home.

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The kitchen is state of the art.   Lighting is excellent and there are electrical outlets almost everywhere you look.   The built-in china cabinet has an electric fireplace for heat and a pleasant ambiance.

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The home has 4 bedrooms and well planned closets.

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There are 3 baths and a powder room half bath.

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A mancave is every man's dream and this home has one.

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The home has 2 air conditioning units.

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The attached double garage is oversized.

All of this for the amazing price of $260,000.  That is below the appraised value.

Glenda is happy to show you this beautiful home.  Glenda can be reached at 580-364-3135.

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