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617 acres of fertile ranch land located East of Durant and South of Bennington, Oklahoma.

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A county road runs through part of the ranch.  This allows you to separate bulls or heifers, if needed.

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A true working cattle ranch with good corrals.

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The ranch has the improvements needed to operate a successful cattle operation.

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There are ponds and 2 water wells.   The property is capable of handling 175 cows.

The fences and cross fences are good.

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This part of Oklahoma is just North of the Red River.  It is upland but has the underground water.  The grasses are lush.  The property will produce over 400 bales of hay.

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The 3 bedroom/2 bath country home is nice....comfortable and very suited for a country home.

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A beautiful and improved piece of land.

Qualified buyers, please call Cheyenne at 918-557-5308 to arrange your viewing.

Priced at $2,500/ acre

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