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A weekend hide-away only 2 miles from the dock on McGee Lake in Atoka County, Oklahoma.

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Call it a shop, call it a man-cave or just call it a hige-away.  This little 667 sq. ft. buildinghas all you need for fun!!!

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The awning offers great cover for a mower, or picnic from rain or sun.

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It is surrounded by trees and so close to McGee Lake.

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It has a kitchen, a utility room, a bath with a shower and a bedroom/living room combination.

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Enough room to even store your boat until you return.

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This little jewel sits on 1 acre....just enough for privacy, but not too much to keep up.

If you enjoy the lake life and time away from the city, without too much to keep you are.

Priced at $120,000

Call Glenda at 580-364-3135 to schedule your viewing

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