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66.87 acres of lush grass with spring fed ponds and blacktop access.

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The property is bordered on the North and East by county blacktop roads.  Both electricty and rural water run along both county roads.  The ponds are spring fed.

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The property can be entered from East Boggy Depot Road or South Forrest Hill Road.

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The barn is 60' x 100' and

has a concrete retaining wall.   The

barn is large enough to house a semi truck and lots of hay.

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This portion of the property is excellent pasture with some great building spots.

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The property off of Boggy Depot road is a lush meadow.

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This 66+ plus acre tract has got great access, spring fed ponds, lush pasture, available utilities and an amazing barn.

Priced at $199,900

I am ready to show it to you....just call.

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