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It's the property on the hill that you see from miles away.  2233 South Mississippi Avenue

Zoned C2 for commercial use.

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The property is zoned commercial and has a house with 3540 sq. ft. It is serviced by all city utilities. 

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It covers 4.8 acres with US Highway 69/75 access.  The property would be ideal for a relaxing "bed and breakfast" get away.

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The house was built in 1955 and is in need of some TLC.  However, some aspects of the home have been updated.  There are 2 heat and air units that were installed 3 years ago or less.

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The original grounds had the tennis court and pool area.  With a bit of work they could be renovated as a calling card for ones looking for a restful get away.

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Cathedral ceilings, a wood burning fireplace and built in bookcases invite fun on a cold winter, cozy evening.

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The dining room is large enough to entertain.  There are 10 ft. ceilings in the living room and great room.

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The original builders even thought of putting the small office area for a computer in the kitchen area.

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The house has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.  The 3 bedrooms down stairs have the original oak hardwood floors.

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The view from the front door shows the highway that could bring so much business to this charming and character filled property.

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Let your imagination run wild to turn this property into a thriving business.

Priced at $315,000 - MOTIVATED SELLER

Call Neta at 580-364-3026 to discuss all of the possibilities and arrange your viewing.

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