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525 acres of prestine real estate located only minutes from Durant, Oklahoma, a rapidly appreciating area.

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There are several (approximately 10) ponds that are crystal clear, as well as potentially a 35 acre lake side that could be built.

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A small creek meanders through the hardwood bottoms and is a great corridor for the massive amounts of ducks that fly through the property, as well as a natural habitat for bucks that will score over 170+ inches.

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There are many picturesque views from the towering ridge that runs along the complete West side of the property. One feels as though one is in Colorado. 

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There are great roads through the property with over 3-4 miles of elevated gravel roads already in place.  There is material (from an old rock quarry) to build additional roads, if needed.

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Views from around the property with hardwoods, food plots, water and roads.  The food plats have alfalfa/soybean/wheat and chicory clover already in place.

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All of this is wrapped up with highway frontage, water and electricty on each side.  It is nearly unheard of to find a place this secluded and, yet, this close to a large town.  Durant, Oklahoma, is only minutes away and Plano, Texas is less than 90 miles.  Build a cabin beside a pond, or creek, and have an exceptional recreational place for your family and friends.  

With a large escrow deposit, Ower could possiby give immediate possession for this hunting season.

Priced at $1.45 mil  Ower is willing to look at all offers.

Call or text Cheyenne at 918-557-5308 to schedule your viewing.    UNDER CONTRACT

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