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Get away from all of the noise and hustle and bustle!  A 7 acre tract with the shell of a really neat cabin.....finish it as you like.

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The cabin was started in 2017 and has 800 sq. ft......2 bedrooms and 1 bath.

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The cabin has electricity.  Water is available but has not been hooked up.  The windows and doors are in, but nothing is finished on the interior.

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There is 1 small pond.....just large enough to give water to all of the wildlife that come on the property,

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The property is fenced.

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The location is ideal...only 7.5 miles from a dam and docking area on McGee Lake and less that 2 hours North of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Don't waste time in purchasing this property....what are you waiting for.  It will go quickly!

Priced at $75,000

Call Glenda at 580-364-3135

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