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41 acres of excellent pasture on a black top county road,

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The property is bordered on the East and North by county roads.  Utilities run along both of the county county roads.

The property is capable of handling 20 head of cattle. The property is, also, capable of getting 45 to 79 6'x6' round bales of hay per cutting.

The pond may not be the largest, but it is spring fed and makes a great place for livestock or to do a bit of fishing.

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The blackberry bushes around the pond are loaded and ready to be made into a nummy pie!

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The 41 acres are bordered by 2 county roads with utilities that run along both roads.  The trail that is shown on the aerial is not an easement and is only temporarily being used by the owners of the house seen on the SW side of the property.  That house does have access off of Bently Road and the owners will build their own road.

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There is enough follage (trees) around the pond to make a habitat for wildlife.

A beautiful piece of land in an ideal location,

Priced at $160,000

Please call Robbie at 580-364-3025 or Neta at 580-364-3926 to arrange your viewing.

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