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160 manicured acres along Cowpen Creek in Southern Atoka County, Oklahoma

14629 South Oak Knoll Road      Caney, Oklahoma 74533

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A productive cattle ranch, PLUS hunting and fishing, all together in this one of a kind 160 acre property!

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The home is a split level home with 2361 sq. ft. on the upper level and 2361 sq. ft. on the lower level....for a total of 4, 722 sq. ft. of heated and cooled air in the home.  The back of the home is all glass sliding doors (total 10 windows).  The front porch is covered as is the back patio.   Rural water is available, but the owners prefer the well water.  They have a water softner with reverse osmosis.  There is a 2 car garage with a 2 car covered carport.

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The entrance into the property is   picturesque.

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There are 5 ponds on the property......stocked with catfish.

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The outbuildings on the property include:

30'x 40' closed shop with bath room with a guest house on the end.

54' x 50' open shop

62' x 88' hay barn

30' x 67' enclosed hay barn with   67' x 14' lean to

43' x 40' open catle barn

40' x 40' open cattle barn with a 21' lean to.

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There are excellent working pens with a squeeze chute!

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The hay meadow is very productive.   The owner cuts (on the average) 400  large (5' x 6') round haybales per year.

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There are 7 pastures.  The fences are either new or in excellent condition.  6 pastures have well water piped into them.....the owner does not want his cattle to drink dirty pond water.  There are 2 wells on the addition to the availability of rural water.

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There are enough trees and a large enough wooded area for deer and turkey to call home.  Can you spot the turkey?

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Cowpen Creek has a low water crossing to get to the south side of the property.  The owner says that in the 10+ years they have lived there, it has flooded only once.  Flood insurance in not required on the property.

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The above kitchen is on the upper level of the home.  It has been been totally updated with up to date appliances and granite counter tops.

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The upper level has the master bedroom and 1.5 baths   The lower level has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and 2 large closets.

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The lower level (top pictures) has a living room with a brick fireplace, a dining area and a kitchen.   The upper level (lower pictures) has a living room with a brick fireplace, a dining room, a kitchen and a utility room.

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The lower level, also, has a kitchen.

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The staircase connect the 2 levels.   There is a storage room (easily accesible) for all of those seasonal decorations.

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The generator is a KW22

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The guest house is 30' x 40' - 1,200 sq. ft.

From the moment you drive onto the property, you are enthralled with its beauty.  The pastures have been sprayed for weeds and fertilized.  The home has been maintained and updated.

Call or text Cheyenne @ 918-557-5308 to make arrangements to view this amazing property.

Priced at $795,000

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