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120 acres

Very seldom does a piece of land with these qualities come on the market.

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Located near the small Amish town of Clarita, Oklahoma, approximately 30 miles North of Durant, Oklahoma.

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Several food plots are already in place.

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There are several good trails throughout the property.

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Located on a dead end road with partial ownership of a clear, large, watershed lake.  The fish pictured above were caught by the owner on this lake.

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Ideal places to build.  Water and electricity run along the road.

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120 acres of 75% harwood timber.

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Lots of elevation changes.  It just does not get much better than this when you consider location, elevations, views, and all of the extras.  PLUS, the neighbors are great.

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Priced at $288,000

Call Cheyenne at 918-557-5308 - he would love to show it to you.

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