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1818 East 2060 Road     Hugo, Oklahoma 7473

A well balanced ranch with improved pastures, an abundance of water and wildlife!

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The owner currently run 120 cows on the property plus 100 acres of meadow.  The meadow produces 5.5 bales per acre of bermuda hay.

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The home was built in 2013 and has a heated living area of 1875 sq. ft.  There are, also, 2 porches and a 3 car carport.

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The property is is approximately 1/2 cleared and 1/2 wooded.

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Views of the various pastures and clearings on the property.

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The property has 3 nice ponds and a limestone bottom creek that runs through the property.

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Pastures and bottoms on the ranch.

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This is a perfect place to hunt deer, turkey and squirrel!

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Feeders and feed bins for the wildlife and the cattle!

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The barn is 40' x 60' and is used for equipment storage with an awning that covers a full set of pipe working/sorting pens.

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The shop is 30' x 40' with a 16' awning.  The shop has a storage loft, a full kitchen, a full bath with a tub shower combo and a washer and dryer.

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The kitchen, dining area and and living room are open.  The cabinets are custom made and the counter tops are granite.  There are ample working area, good lighting and a pantry.

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The fireplace and hearth are rock.  Ceiling fans and a cathedral ceiling complete the homey feeling of the room.

The kitchen, dining area, utility room and baths are tiled.  The living room and bedrooms are carpet.

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The home has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  The master bath has a jacuzzi tub and a large walk-in shower.  The kids bath has a tub/shower combination and a standard toilet and sink.

The utility has the same high quality custom cabinets and granite counter top.

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The property is fenced and cross fenced.  The fences are in excellent condition.

There is a gully on the property.   It is in the middle of the South 160 acre tract.  The aeriel above shows the location and size of the gully.  It is a great place for the deer to hide.

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There are so many interesting places on this ranch, plus, a shack with character.

This ranch has it all.  It has everything, plus the lush pastures, for a super cattle operation, and everything you would want for hunting.  The location is less than 2 hours North of Dallas.

Cheyenne is eager to show it to qualified buyers.

Call Cheyenne at 918-557-5308!

Priced at $1.5 million.

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