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3855 acres of strong native bluestem grasses, ponds and springs.  Located North of Durant, Oklahoma, in cattle country!

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The ranch is located over the aquifer with tremendous amounts of water available.  There are approximately 15 ponds.

There is an excellent water well on the property.

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There are above average guardrail corrals.

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Structures on the ranch (other than the guardrail corrals) consist of a characteristic older rock home (low quality but used as a hunters cabin) and two really neat old rock barns.  They, too, need some TLC.   

The fences are above average.  60% of the

fences are fairly new. The ranch

is divided into 6 large pastures.

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This ranch would require no fertilizer.  However,

spraying for weeds would be in the best interest

of the buyer. This is not a river bottom ranch.

There is lots of surface rock which makes very

strong grasses.  The ranch is approximately 70% open.

An excellent ranch for either a yearling or cow/calf operation.

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This ranch is located west of Bromide, Oklahoma.  Bromide is known for its freaksih genetics in whitetails and is a very populated wildlife area.  This ranch is surrounded by large, mostly timbered, ranches that have been managing whitetials for 7-9 years.  The current owner has been using the ranch mainly for hunting.  There are approximately 12 stands/feeder or food plots in place.  There are lots of open areas for more food plots.

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There is a county road that goes through the ranch...approximately 2/3's on the north side and 1/3 on the south side.  There are good trails throughout the ranch.  There is a pipeline easement on the ranch.

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Good limestone cattle ranches, such as this one is, with such an abundance of water, very, very rarely come up for sale in this area of phenomenal hunting ranches.  There are no minerals that go with this ranch.

To schedule your viewing call Cheyenne at 918-557-5308

Priced at $1,600/acre

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If a buyer wanted extra income from the ranch, there is a standing offer to either lease graze/ or have hunting rights.

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