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940 acres of hunting land located in BIG BUCK COUNTRY 2 miles East of Bromide in Johnston County, Oklahoma.

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    This IS big buck country!  Yes, these were caught on the property!

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The ranch is bordered on the South by the Boy Scout Ranch - known to harbor mature bucks because hunting is NOT allowed.

To the North and East there is a 7,000 acre managed ranch,

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There are 2 ponds on the property.

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There is a natural spring on the property and some amazing rock formations.

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There are trails throughout the property.

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The property is mostly wooded with a couple of glades for feed plots.

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There is a pipeline easement and standard utility easements.  The fences are in good condition.

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Lots of elevation and great views.

Rural water is available, as well as electricity that run along the county road in front of the property.  All you need is a small cabin and you can set up your deer camp.  However, you could purchase an additional 70 acres of bottom (different owner) that already has a cabin.

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Call Cheyenne at 918-557-5308 to arrange your viewing.  Cheyenne is inviting you.

Priced at $1600 per acre.

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