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Approximately 400 acres located less than a mile from the Blue River, off of Deadman Springs Road.

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A great combination cattle, hunting and fishing ranch.  The house sits back off of the road approximately 1/2 mile.

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There is an older but livable and comfortable rock home with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath.  The home and ranch are on well water.

The barn is for hay storage and has a tac room. There is an equipment shed.

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The ranch will run 25-30 cows.

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The property is fenced and cross fenced into several pastures.  The fences are all in new or very good condition.

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There are 4 good healty ponds on the property.

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The hay meadow is native bluestem.

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The property is accessible by county maintain roads.

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There are enough woods to handle a good supply of wildlife with plenty of water to sustain them.

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A not new but very comfortable home with a super covered porch to sit and watch the world go by.

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On the East side of the ranch is a 2400 acre adds seclusion to this ranch.  It is a really great place.

Cheyenne is eager to show it to you - 918-557-5308

Priced at $2,450/acre

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