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179 acres of hunting land

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This property is located approximately  2 hours North of Dallas in Atoka County, Oklahoma.  Access if via an all weather county road, Forrest Hill Road, with rural water and electricity that run along Forrest Hill Road.

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There is actually very little grass.   The above picture is along an easement for a high line that cuts across the NW corner of the property (see the above aerial).  The easement is easily recognizable.   The pond is along a creek bed. 

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There are deer!!!!  Just look at the tracks around the corn.

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A bit of work will need to be done on the dam to return the pond to its intended size.

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The highline only cuts through a very small amount of acres in the corner of the property.

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There are trails that run throughout the property.

The property was logged several years ago, so there is no very large timber....but just great cover for deer.

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Here are scenes of the property.  There are a couple of washes on the property....great places for the deer to hide.

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The property is off of the beaten track, but easily accessible with good road.  One could find peace and solitude with only the frequent sound of birds or the rustle of wildlife among the brush.  This is a great hunting place with large acreages to the South and West.

Call Cheyenne to arrange your viewing.

Priced at $1,950/acre.

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