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60 acres with road on 2 sides, no restrictions and available utilities (water and electricity on the North side and electricity on the East side.

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The property is located approximately 3 miles from the town of Atoka, Oklahoma.

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There is a gate entrance at the South end of the property on Short Road.  The pasture has the potential to be a gorgeous pasture with amazing views of the far mountains.

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The property is approximately 60-65% pasture and grazing land and 35-40% woods.  The woods look as though it could be great hidingplace for deer.  There were fresh deer tracks on the road.

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The property has some of everything.....pasture, potential meadow,

grazing land and woods.  The property has good fences.

There is one small pond on the Southeast corner of the property.

Priced at $2,500/acre

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