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40 acres located at the dead end of Walnut Road in Bromide, Oklahoma.

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Hands of the best locations for hunting and fishing.  PLUS, there is enough grass to run a few horses or cows.

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There is an older 3 bedroom/1 bath home/cabin with a fenced yard and a carport.  The house need to be remodled, but, would be perfect for a weekend home or a first time homebuyer.   There is a good water well and an underground cellar.

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There is a clear, nice pond for wildlife and farm animals.

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There is an 18 acre lake on the adjoining property.  The current owner of the 40 acres is allowed to fish it, in exchange for keeping an eye on the place.  If you are really nice, he may let you fish, also.

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The 40 acres back up to the old

Jesse James hideouts where there are the remains of an old 1800's rock quarry

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The neigbors are excellent.  They manage the deer and control the access to the properties on Walnut Road.

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This property is loaded with game.

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The views are amazing.  You could search and search, but you simply won't find 40 acres located this ideally with this much character.  

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The house is quite sturdy, but does need to be updated.

Priced at $165,000

Call or text Cheyenne at 918-557-5308 to schedule a viewing.  Just come at look!

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