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460 acres of prime boggy Bottom River bottom.

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The Halston Boggy Ranch is located just north of Clarita, Oklahoma, approximately 1 mile east of State Highway 48.   It has approximately 120 acres of farmland.

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It is a productive cattle ranch.

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There is a good set of corrals.

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There are approximately 120 mature pecan trees

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3/4 mile of Boggy River is on the South boundary

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The ranch is only about 30% timber, but, there is enough timber and water to have produced two bucks over 190".  The farmland, with wheat, has the capabilityto hold lots of deer.  Sometimes there are in excess of 50 deer in the wheatfields.

There is an older home, but, it needs work.  One could live there while building their dream home on this amazingly beautiful piece of land.  Your could run livestock, fish, swim, hunt and ride ATVs.....What better way to live!

With a good down payment and good credit, there is possible owner financing.  Current owner would consider splitting into a 300 or 160 acre tract.

Priced at $2350/acre

Call or text Cheyenne to schedule a viewing.

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