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1103 South Oregon Street    Atoka, Oklahoma 74525

A 100% remade, updated and charming home on a 91.3' x 100' lot

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The Original home was built in 1957 and had 1532 sq. ft.  However in 2010/2011 there was a fire.  The home was gutted out and totally remade.  560 sq. ft. were added to the home.  The square footage is now 2,016 sq. ft. The home was rewired, a new AC unit was installed, the flooring and sheetrock were all replaced.  The exterior of the home was updated, rock added and a metal roof put on.  New vinyl windows were installed.  The pier and beam floor was leveled. This is like a new home.

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The original living room was made into a formal dining room and the added 560 feet became the "great room".

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The kitchen has the original cabinets, but it is large.

Off of the kitchen is a larger than normal utility room,

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  The home is on city utilities.

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There are 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths.

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This home is neat, clean, delightful and ready to move into.  It is priced at $129,900.

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