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A turn key restaurant on .54 acres along US 69/75.

99 feet of highway frontage.

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The building was built in 2005 and has 1225 sq. ft. of heated and very well planned space.  There is an 8' x 10' insulated storage building.

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All of the tables, chairs and 1 high chair remain with the property.  The pepsi and tea despenser is leased.

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Items in the building:  10' x 10' walk in cooler,  2 year old 5 ton air conditioner, cash register, 3 door prep table, sign, 8' x 8' wood rack, counter.

All Billy Sims items do not stay with property.

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There are 2 bathrooms in the building.

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There is an area for an office.

Land and building only - $350,000

Land and Building with all items listed above (except Billy Sims name) - $360,000

Tabitha is eager to show you this property.  Call her at 580-239-0169

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