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A 120 acre turn key hunting recreational playground.

Located South of Lane, Oklahoma.

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There is a 2 story barn/cabin.   The bottom has plenty of room to store all of the equipment that comes with the place.

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All of the equipment shown above comes with the property......2 4 wheelers, RV and the Kabota tractor with brushhog and accessories

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The stairs lead to a fully furnished weekend cabin via a deck with amazing views of the property.

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All appliances remain with the home, plus, all of the furniture.

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There is a pond on the property for the wildlife to drink and a small creek that runs part of the year.

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There are lots of trails that give you great access to the whole tract.  The timber ranges from hardwoods to mature pine timber.

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There is a really nice chain link fence around the cabin.

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The cabin has central heat and air, well water,plus, city water.

A truly great package deal for maximum "get away" fun.


Call or text Cheyenne at 918-557-5308!


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