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A bungalow on Trent Lane, Caney, Oklahoma

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This super special bungalow was built in 1975, but in 2021 was gutted out and remade.  It had foam insulation blown in, a new 5 ton HVAC unit installed and new vinyl windows put in. 

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The 1830 sq. ft. home sits on 1 acre in the community of Caney, Oklahoma.

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The home is surrounded by trees and wild life.  It is a perfect little hide away.

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The floors are the vinyl plank strips with a wood look.  The fire place is electric and new in 2021 when the house was gutted out and redone.  All of the electrical wiring and plumbing were replaced. Note the interesting ceiling lines.

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I love how they did the cabinets.  The counter tops are granite.  The dishwasher is new.

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There are 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths in the home.

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The wrought iron railings are custom made.

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The Owners are in the process of putting the new green roof on.  They added the carport and will extend the new green roofing to the carport.

Priced at $215,000

Call Tabitha at 580-239-0169

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