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Our ranch specialist is Cheyenne Stanley. 

Cheyenne can be reached at 918.557.5308

Updated February 6, 2018

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*    4 wooded acres - Perfect get away place.  100% wooded. A small, but neat 1 bedroom, 1 bath home.  Located approximately 1 mile SE of Coleman, Oklahoma, in Johnston County.  It is less than 2 hours North of DFW.  link  $70,000

*   160 acres - Good county road frontage.   Water and Electric available.  65% of property is open, the remainder is timber.  Capable of handling 20-30 cows. Abundant wildlife!  link  $1495/acre 

*   179 acres - hunting land.  Great  access.  Available utilities.  Pond.   $1,950/acre  link 

*   192 acres....Just right!  3 ponds.  50%/50% timber and pasture.  Good exterior fences.  Electricity along access county maintained road. Closest neighbors are a mile away.           $1925/acre link 

*    250 acres....A highly improved farm.  8 Pastures.  7 ponds.  Capable of handling 60 AUs plus a sufficient amount of hay.  75% pasture/25% woods.   Lighted roping pen.  Covered working pens.  Nice farm home.  Owner agent. link  $700,000   new!

*    300 acres....A natural deer, turkey, duck, and hog habitat.  1-1/2 Clear Boggy River frontage.  Small Primitive cabin.  Large Whitetail deer population.  3 wetland duck sloughs. Trails throughout property.  link  $1800/acre  new!

*    320 acres....Truly a hunters paradise!  If you want to get away from it all and enjoy life, this is it.  It has ponds, creeks, springs and wildlife.  Please check it out!  link   $2,395 per acre  new!

*   617 acres....Productive cattle ranch.   Improvements.  Lush grass.  Ponds.  Good fences and corrals.  2 water wells.  Nice 3 bedroom/2 bath brick ranch home.  $2,500/acre  link  SOLD

*    920 acres....A hunting/recreational ranch with 2 miles of Boggy River meandering through.  5 ponds.   Good fences.  Electricity is run into property in 2 places.  Roads and trails throughout property.   link   $1375/acre

*   940 acres....Hunting ranch located in the heart of BIG BUCK country in Johnston County, Oklahoma. Available utilities (rural water and electricity).  County road access.  Natural spring.  2 ponds.  link   $1600/acre

*  3741.25+/- acres....Hidden between 2 mountains in the Jack Fork range.  2,640 sq. ft. conference bldg.  4,047 sq. ft. lodge.  Barns.  Shops. Managers house.   30 ponds.  2.5 miles of Mud Creek.  Towering pines.  1,250 acres of bottom land.  Elevations from 640 ft. to 1,460 ft.  Family getaway!   Retreat!  Wildlife. Seclusion. link  $775/acre  SOLD

*  3855 acres....A limestone base hunting/cattle ranch.  Strong native bluestem grasses.   Meadow.  Excellent guardrail corrals.  Above average fences.  15+ Ponds.  6 large pastures.   link  $1600/acre  SOLD

Call Cheyenne at 918-557-5308

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  1. GRASSES - What type grasses are established? Are they native or improved? Are there any winter grasses?
  2. AVERAGE RAINFALL - How many inches per year, what time of year?
  3. TYPES OF SOILS - Different soils often produce different results. Soil maps are available on almost properties. These maps provide detailed information on different soils.
  4. ACCESSIBILITY- Road frontage, what type roads, how close to nearest towns.
  5. AVERAGE TEMPERATURE - What are the average temperatures for summer , winter, and year round?
  6. GROWING DAYS- This is determined by the average temperatures.
  7. LENGTH OF DAYS - Daylight hours help determine how much grass or how many crops can be produced.
  8. SURFACE WATER - Lakes, ponds, creeks, wells, windmills, water systems, must be sufficient to maintain livestock numbers.
  9. UNDER GROUND WATER - Available reserves of water for personal use, livestock, irrigation
  10. EROSION POTENTIAL - Farm Service Agencies in the county have access to this type information.
  11. POTENTIAL OR EXISTING GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS - Under the new farm bill, many opportunities exist for improvements to farms and ranches such as additional fencing, wetlands programs, funds for additional surface water and so on. Farm Service Agencies are the best source of information for these programs.
  13. EASEMENTS - Other than visible easements, easements can be determined in abstracts and deeds recorded with the county.
  14. AVAILABILITY OF LABOR - The size of the labor pool in a particular area can usually be determined by visiting with a local Chamber of Commerce or talking with local residents.
  15. ACCESS TO MARKETS - This information can be obtained generally through local Chamber of Commerce or with talking with local residents and businesses.
  17. IMPROVEMENTS (homes, barns, fences, working facilities, etc.)