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80 acres on a blacktop road with available utilities and GREAT hunting.

Located just south and west of Antlers, Oklahoma.

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This could be a super investment property.  There are very nice locations for either a hunting cabin or a home and the location is wonderful.

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Beaver Creek, a year round creek, is the North border of the property.  There are some good harwoods all along the creek and in the bottom.

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This is a great hunting place.   Antlers, Oklahoma, is known as the "deer capitol of Oklahoma".

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Beaver Creek has a good "walk-log"!!!

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There is a good amount of pine established on this property.  The owner says it is valued at $800/acre and its value will continually increase.

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The property does have quite a bit of underbrush.  That just makes good cover for the deer.

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Great location, blacktop access, available utilities, potential income from pine trees, hunting in the deer capitol of Oklahoma, very nice building sites.....what more could you possibly want?

Priced at $1675/acre

Call or text Cheyenne at 918-557-5308 to schedule a viewing.

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