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Approximately 1098+/- acres of lush grass - this is cattle country!

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A Cattle/recreational ranch in a highly appreciating area.  The Casto Family Ranch is located just East of Caddo, Oklahoma.  It is only 89 miles from Plano, Texas to the front gate of the ranch.   It is less than 1/8 mile off of state highway 22 and less than 1 mile off of US 69/75.

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The ranch has approximately 2 miles of frontage on a gravel road.

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The ranch has run over 200 cow/calf pairs, but is currently running a little over 100 cow/calf pairs.

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There are 12 ponds scattered throughout the ranch, plus, a wet weather creek.

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There is a 60' x  95' covered barn located in the NW part of the ranch with an older mobile home and a set of corrals.

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The ranch is mostly rolling native grass hills with strips of timber running through it.

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There is a magnificent view in the NE corner of the ranch that overlooks the Caddo Hills to the West and the legendary Stuart Ranch to the East.  There is another older home with electricity and water on the southern part of the ranch that needs a bit of TLC.

The owner would consider selling cattle with the ranch.

Offered at $2.9 million.

Call or text Cheyenne at 918-557-5308.

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