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242 North Ohio     Atoka, Oklahoma 74525

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1706 sq. ft. of cozy, comfortable living.  The homme was built in 1963, but had been totally updated since then.  The lot it 100' x 50' with a well built privacy fence.  The home is on all city utilities.  It is located within walking distance of the post office and downtown Atoka.

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When you walk in the front door, you feel welcome.  The home is neat, clean and move in ready.   The living room and dining area are open in an "L" shape with large windows for lots of light.  Ceiling fans are throughout the home.

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The kitchen has custom oak cabinets, made by some of the finest cabinet makers.  The counter tops are black granite.  The appliances are the latest.

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There are 3 bedrooms with nice closets.

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There are 2 full baths in the home with storage in each bath.

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The utility room has storage and lots of light.

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The home has lots of storage.  The blinds on the windows are the large slats.  The carpet is only 5 years old.

Neta at 580-364-3026 can show you the home and tell you anything you may want to know about this home

Priced at $129,500

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