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2373 West Cockleburry Road    Atoka, Oklahoma 74525

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A secluded 40 acres tract located in the Tushka, Oklahoma, school district.  The house was built in 1965 and could use a bit of updating.  It is vinyl siding and a metal roof. The home has 1160 Sq. ft.

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The shop is 30 feet x 25 feet with a concrete floor and electricity.  It was built in 1965.

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The RV, or boat, storage is 30 feet x 20 feet and was built in 2016.

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The home has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.   One of the bedrooms is, also, used as the utility room   The floors are linoleum and carpet.  The counter tops are linoleum.

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This place is ideal for a young couple who enjoy being outside with nature  The oil pads are on the West side and take up about 2-3 acres.   A small creek runs through the back side of the property.

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The home is on Tushka rural water, Southeastern Electric and has a septic.  Access to the property is via a county maintained road.

This property has unending potential.   Call Neta at 580-364-3026 to schedule your viewing.

Priced at $240,000

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