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1423 South Grassy Lake Road    Atoka, Oklahoma 74525

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34.81 acres of peace and solitude

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The 34+ acres are manicured except for the wooded area.  The wooded area covers approximately 1/3 of the property.

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The trailer is a 1800 sq. ft. 2005 Town and Country double wide with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.  Decks are on the front and back of the trailer.  The gazebo is set up with swings to enjoy the quiet of the country.

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The barn is 20' x 30' and set up with 4 stalls....2 are for horses (10' x 10') and 2 are for goats.  There is a tac room and hay storage room.  The pens do stay with the property.  The owner has 11 minature horses and 1 goat on the property.  The small pond is stocked with various types of fish.

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The trailer is bright with good lighting.  The fireplace is a wood burning fireplace.  There is central heat and air in the home.

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One of the bedrooms is used as their utility room.

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There are 3 outbuildings in addition to the barn.  The fences are goat fences in fair to good shape.  Fencing for the horses is good.

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There is an additonal single wide trailer (1028 sq. ft.) with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.  The trailer is a 1970 trailer in good condition.  There are nice decks on the front and back of the trailer and a window unit for cooling.

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Two small lush meadows and pasture with good grass for the animals.  The entrance is inviting and manicured.

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There is a detached carport.   This quiet and secluded place makes you not want to leave.  It is comfortable and peaceful and priced at only $129,000.

Please call Glenda at 580-364-3135 to schedule your viewing.

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