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A 26.01 acre tract of land with good fences, ponds and grass!

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The property is located 4 miles SE of Atoka, Oklahoma, and less than 1/2 mile off of blacktop.  Rural water lines and electricity run along the county maintained road in front of the property

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There are several excellent building sites on the property.

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There are at least 2 ponds on the property.  

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The above is one of the smaller ponds.

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A well built barn with 6 horse paddocks and a tac room.  There are pipe holding pens.

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This building makes a wonderful workshop.   It has a concrete floor, electricity and is plumbed for water.  Water would have to be hooked up.

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Enjoy views from around the property!  A great place to have some horses and build your dream home.

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There is an occupied home that is not on the property.....see the above aerial.  It is fenced and, in no way, affects the beauty and usability of the 26.01 acres.   The perimeter of the property is fenced with good 5 wire fencing.

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This is the north pasture.  It is 100% contiguous with the south pasture.  It connects to the barn and has a small pond.   There is, also, an entrance off of the county road that runs along the front of the property.

tedh26.03pond1g.jpg (435841 bytes)

This property has everything but the home.   There are no restrictions on the property.  But, there are good fences, good grass, available electricity and water, great ponds, nice barn with pipe pens and horse paddocks and some great building spots.  It is an ideal place for horses.

Priced at $149,000

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