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160 acres of combination of hunting and cattle ranching.  Located on a dead end road in the Western part of Atoka, Oklahoma.

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County road and entry into the property,

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The property has approximately 65+ pecan trees scattered throughout the North end of the property and around the property improvements.

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The lush pasture can run approximate 20+ cow/calf units without hurting any hunting.

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There are 3 ponds on the property.  There is one large pond behind the house (set up with a picnic area and place to sit and relax) and 2 smaller ponds in the woods in the South part of the property.

There is a seasonal creek with pockets of water for the wildlife that meanders through the hardwood bottoms.



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There are woods with great wildlife...turkey, deer, hogs and lots of other varieties.  This property has unlimited potential for big bucks passing through.  The deer stands stay with the property, but the deer feeder does not, however, the fencing arounding the deer deeder does stay.

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There is a new cross fence to separate the North end from the South end.  The perimeter fencing is average.

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There are isolated trees scattered in the North portion of the property for animal cover and trails in the South portion of the property for navigating through the trees.

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The absolutely and completely charming home was 100% gutted to the studs.  Walls were removed to open the home   Central heat and air were added.  New electrical wiring, plumbing, insulation, sheetrock and vinyl windows were installed. 

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The floors are bamboo hardwood.  

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The kitchen cabinets are custom made.   The countertops are an exotic granite.  There is a super pantry in the corner.

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There are 3 bedrooms and 1 large bath with a tub and shower.

All of the doors in the home are solid hardwood barn type doors.

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The metal shop building is foam insulated with a concrete floor and electricity.  The owner uses it on a daily base to work out.

The shop building is 32" x 42"

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Please make your arrangements with Cheyenne @ 918-557-5308 to view this property before it is gone!

Priced at $475,000.00

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