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10 acres with US 69/75 frontage South of Tushka, Oklahoma.  A prime location!

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Access is off of the frontage road on US 69/75

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Approximately 1/2 of the property is high fenced.  The owners used to keep exotic animals.  There is another small high fence pen inside the large high fence area.  It is a perfect set up for dog kennels. Water and electricity run along the road.  Pens have the pipes and just need to be hooked into a meter.

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There are several mature pecan trees and some great building sites.

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The property is 60% wooded with approximately 40% pasture.

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The property was used to house exotic animals, thus all of the fencing.

There are no restrictions on this property.  Water and electricity are available along the frontage road.  Located in the Tushka, Oklahoma, school district.   An ideal location and property to build a home.

Agent/owner - Cheyenne Stanley   918-557-5308

Priced at $100,000

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