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690 South US Highway 69/75

30 acres of rolling hills and pecan bottoms with a 2148 sq. ft. brick home.

Located on the service road of US 69/75 between Caney, Oklahoma and Tushka, Oklahoma!

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The home has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.   There is an attached 2 car garage.

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Large, beautiful concrete patio that overlooks the Pecan bottoms where wildlife come to feed in the mornings and evenings.

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The 40' x 60' foam insulated shop was built in 2017.  It is plumbed and wired for living quarters.  It has its own septic system.

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The terrain is rolling with lots of mature pecan trees and plenty of cover to hold wildlife.

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10 acres are under pipe and chain link high fence.  This area was once used to hold tigers!!!  There are 2 large dog exceptional place for dog kennels or hog baying pens.

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The home has both well and city water.

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One of the 2 baths was designed for a handicap bath.

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There are 2 RV hookups on the property.

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This is a secluded place with quick access to the highway.  It is ready to move into.  Owner is ready to sell.

Priced at $355,000

Call Cheyenne (agent owned) at 918-557-5308

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