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2786 acres in Ponotoc, Coal and Johnston Counties, Oklahoma!

This outstanding ranch is surrounded by large parcels, a 4000 acre ranch on the South, a 1000 acre ranch on the North, a 7000 acre ranch on the West and a 4000 acre ranch on the East - almost impossible to compare it to anything else.  A mile long private drive dead ends into the headquarters.

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There is an adequate supply of water for cattle and game  There are 2 clear lakes, including a 5 acre lake and numerous other sponds and springs.

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The legendary Goose Creek feeds into the North lake and feeds out the East side and meanders East over a mile through the property.

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The private drive of over a mile leads to the headquarters....truly all of the privacy one could ever need.

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Good Corrals and weaning traps/holding pens.

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There are 6 pastures.  The field on the southern portion of the ranch is a sanctuary feed grounds for the multitudes of wildlife on the ranch. The property supports 300 cow/calf units.

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There are approximately 10 established food plots on the ranch and lots of feeders and stands. The ranch has World Class whitetail and a large Rio Turkey population as well as an abundant hog population.   There are Pecan trees.

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The shop is insulated

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The large home has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, den, large living room, fireplace, sun/reading room, large utility room with a folding room and a mud room with an indoor cedar closet.

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The older, smaller home would make a great hunting cabin. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, utility room and a 1 car garage.

There are 2 shale pits for additional income for selsling rock and a lifetime supply of road material for the ranch roads.

Price is $9.9 million

Call or text Cheyenne Stanley at 918-557-5308

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