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544 acres located off of State Hhighway 48 near Clarita, Oklahoma, in Coal County.

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Over a mile of private, dead end road leads to the brick home on the hill, surrounded by large oak trees and over looking the scenic lake.

The home is approximately 15 years old with 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and a covered patio.

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This place has it all.   It is private.  It has water.....beautiful ponds and Goose Creek that runs approximately 1 mile through the property.   Goose Creek has a good low water crossing area.

This place has it all!

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The lake is loaded with crappie and small and large mouth bass.

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The property is mostly timber around the edges.

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This property has elevation changes and lush Pecan bottoms and meadows.

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Deer population is more than plentiful. There are 4 established food plots (one can be seen and watched from the front porch of the house).  There has been more than enough forage to maximize antler growth through the spring/summer months.

Rio turkeys can be often seen headed up the rocky oak ridges that run East to West along the property.  

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There are good cattle pens and weaning traps.  They are serviced by well water. The property is cross fenced into 7 pastures with cattle guards into every pasture. The  property will run 70 head of cattle.  Thr owner has baled approximately 250 rolls while still running cattle.

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There is a good shopon the property.

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This home sits at the end of about a mile of privately owned winding road.  It is on a hill that overlooks a beautiful lake.

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The Seller requires the Buyers be pre-approved before viewing the ranch. 

Priced at $2,100,000

Call or text Cheyenne at 918-557-5308 to make arrangements for viewing.  Agent owned.

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