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Caney Creek Ranch - 1150 acres

Caney Creek Ranch is a very diverse ranch loaded with a mixture of topography.  The topography ranges from fields of native limestone grasses that fall steeply into mature oak timber draws.  This naturally funnels whitetail down to the lush wheat fields that run along the creek.  Perfect for hunting!

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The main bonus to this ranch is the location.  The headquarters to the ranch sets less than 3 miles from US highway 69-75 North of Durant, Oklahoma.  The property then runs South back toward Caddo.   Some of the ranch runs alongside US 69/75, allowing convience of access for someone commuting from the Plano/Frisco/DFW area -95 miles. This would allow one to quickly be in the deer stand or fishing about the time the sun is breaking in the morning.

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Recently built metal cattle pens and pipe roping arena.

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The 4,000 square foot new shop building is insulated and heated.  It is wired for an RV, plus there is a covered awning already in place with a concrete pad.

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Caney Creek meanders through the property.   14 stock ponds are conveniently scattered throughout the property, one of which is a watershed lake over 10 acres.  For the adventurous buyer there is a potential lake site that is over 70 acres.    

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A small private rock quarry supplies rock to maintain over 2 miles of roads throughout the property.

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The property is approximaterly 1/2 timber and 1/2 clear.  This is truly a combination ranch with the capability to run cattle and provide habitat for multiple species of wildlife.

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The home is a large, comfortable, remodeled older family home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.

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The ranch has the potential for $35,000 income from the numerous pecan trees and cattle leases.

One has the option to purchase cattle and equipment with the ranch.  Additional land can be purchased.

Priced at $4,275,000

Call or text Cheyenne (owner/agent) to arrange a viewing.

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