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375 acres of fun!  Perfect location....90 miles from Plano, Texas, 10 minutes from Durant, Oklahoma.

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2 nice very good steel structures. One is 50' x 100' clear span.  The other is 60' x 120' clear span.   It is a pavilion with water and electricity available.  It would be perfect for finishing out as living quarters or a place to park your RV.

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The property is 50% timber.

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There are 3 ponds and a great creek.

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There are trails throughout the property.

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Access to this "playground" is off of a county road.

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Ideal for a get-away retreat.   One could ride ATVs and horses, go hunting or fishing, or even run a few horses or cows.

The sky is the limit with what you could do with this property.

Call or text Cheyenne (918-557-5308) for more information or to schedule a viewing.

Priced at $2825/acre

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