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1475 acres +/- located in Atoka and Bryan Counties, Oklahoma

A spectacular acreage!

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Hundreds of acres of productive hay fields, numerous ponds and several miles of the famous Clear Boggy River!

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Supburb wildlife abounds.  Very good genetics coupled with a high deer density makes this property a world class deer property, second to none.  One can typicallysee 75-100 different deer on a   morning or afternoon drive around

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Improvents consist of a new 2 bedroom luxury cabin with all the amenities, including a custom outdoor cooking area, large outdoor fireplace and landscaping.

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A new 80' x 80' insulated shop is nearby with large rollup doors, climate controlled storage, custom cabinets and an outdoor game cleaning area.

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Extremely good duck habitat supplies loads of waterfowl.  The ranch lies under a winter fly-way.  There are numerous locations for large scaled waterfowl projects

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Turkey, wild hogs and other small game are prevalent as well.

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There are nearly 2000 mature/manicured pecan trees.

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There are 100s of acres of productive hay fields.

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Neighbors with large acreages allow for uninterrupted isolation and privacy.  Yet, it is conveniently located less than 1.5 hours from Downtown Dallas and within 25 minutes of world class entertainment, dining and gaming.  Utilities are provided by a newly drilled, high volume water well, propane and co-op electricity.

Call or text Cheyenne at 918-557-5308 for more information and to schedule your viewing.

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