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An outstanding 2250 acre ranch located approximately 2 hours NE of Dallas.  It is nestled along 6 miles of hardwood lined Clear Boggy River frontage in Bryan County, Oklahoma. 

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Wildlife on the ranch is second to none!  One cannot find a better valued ranch with so many amenities, including privacy, more than plenty areas of water, big woods, useful improvements, wonderful livestock capabilities AND world class hunting.

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There is a recently remodled, more than adequate ranch home with guest quarters.

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The current owner runs no livestock, however, the ranch is well equipped with quality/well maintained hay fields, fences and gates.  There is an equipment barn with a 30' x 40' lean to, a tool barn, an elaborate set of cattle working/sorting corrals, horse corrals/paddocks with tack room/lots, and a covered game processing area with a walk-in cooler.  All improvements on the  ranch are in good condition.

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Water is plentiful.  In addition to the 6 miles of river frontage, there are over 2 dozen (24) surface ponds.  Some are up to 10 acres in size.  There are several large, professionally built, duck sloughs with water level control systems and "pit" blinds are in place. The ranch lies within duck migration paths.  These sloughs get loaded with duck and geese.  There are 5 domestic wells and 3 "irrigation" sized wells equipped with submersible pumps.  Bass and channel catfish are stocked in the numerous surface ponds.  Large native Flat-Head Catfish, in excess of 45  ponds, are caught yearly in the river.  Quality water is in abundance both above and below the surface.

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One is welcomed with a clear, running creek on entering the ranch.

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Approximately 50% of the ranch is in well cared for grasses and forbs, set aside for hay production and/or cattle and wilflife forage.  Trophy turkey find it especially appealing.

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The river lends the entire ranch to excellent soils with as much grass and water as one can imagine.   Hayfields have been routinely cut/baled and cared for in a manner to promote increased hay production and a reduction of nuisance weeds.

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The ranch boasts of apple and peach orchards....and...a racoon that is stealing peaches. Most of the ranch has a good road system throughout.  

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Whitetail numbers and sizes rival any location in America because densities are naturally high in this area.  Genetics lend themselves to ultra large unparalleled trophies. Boone and Crockett class deer have been harvested within the surrounding areas.  Established food plots, feeding programs and extremely selective harvests have contributed to an area with a superb herd and extreme quality.

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The ranch home is not large, but is tastefully updated.

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Because the home is situated on rise, one can see visitors approaching and watch the many deer that gather every evening in the meadow.

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Large ranches/friendly neighbors, conservancy lands and dead-end roads buffer the property to promote privacy.  One would be hard  pressed to find a more rounded and useful ranch, and all within a couple of hour drive of the metroplex.

The below market price of $5.5 million makes this ranch extremely attractive.

To arrange your viewing, please call or text Cheyenne at 918-557-5308.

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