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2088 acres of the most prestine habitat known to wildlife. This diverse ranch is located east of Caddo, Oklahoma. It has the privacy of a ranch in the Alaskan wilderness, but, is less than 2.5 miles from blacktop Rd .  One could wear out a brand new pickup trying to find one that compares to this ranch located on the Clear Boggy river.

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There are over 2300 pecan trees, big cleared lush bottoms.

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There are huge mature oaks that reach 80+ ft tall and a most scenic bluff that runs the length of the property.  It over looks the Clear Boggy River bottom, with over 300 acres of slough area located near the river bottom which could easily be made into duck habitat .( located across the river from Mallard Farms )

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Will see easily 60-90 deer just driving around the place in 30 min or less.

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There are several crystal clear ponds scattered across the ranch, a seasonal creek and over 1.5 miles clear boggy river frontage and a water well.

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New 60x80 shop with 3 roll up doors and equipment shed lean to off each side, all in concrete slab.   There is a small cargo container for storage for protein and wildlife feed. (not shown)

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Deer skinning-I-beam with sliding hoist

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The completely remodeled 2 bedroom cabin with bunk beds has several built in customized features inside of cabin.

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Over 2.5 miles of new fence. All located on a dead end road with large adjoining neighbors.  One could possibly add more acreage.

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Hands down, this is the most unique place I’ve ever been on.  And, I've (Cheyenne Stanley - 918-557-5308) been selling ranches for almost 20 years. Prepare to have a truly remarkable wildlife adventure when viewing this ranch.

Priced at $2400/acre

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