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Approximately 250+/- located only 10 minutes North of Durant, Oklahona, and approximately 1 mile North of Caddo.

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The property has over 1/2 mile of US Highway 69/75 frontage.

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Approximately 1 mile of interior gravel road already established.

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Three (3) pastures of strong native grass

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The property has 3 good ponds.

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This property is approximately 85% open grazing pastures with an established 40 acres hay meadow.  There is just enough timber to have travel areas for wildlife along the drainage areas.

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There are good, newer fences.

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There is an amazingly beautiful building site that overlooks the property.

The property has access to electric power,

One could not ask for better neighbors.

Durant, Oklahoma, home of Southeastern Oklahoma State University and the Choctaw Casino establishment with entertainment and recreational activies, is rapidly expanding North.  This could be a great investment for someone. 

Call Cheyenne at 918-557-5308 for more information and to schedule a viewing.

Priced at $3500/acre - agent owned

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