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Wells Valley Ranch

A 350 acre ranch located just North of historical Bromide, Oklahoma.  Bromide, Oklahoma, is well know for its clear springs and ancient artifacts.

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The ranch is accessible by good county maintained roads, with lots of highway and county road frontage

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A unique characteristic feature of this ranch is the beautiful spring branch that meanders all along the West side of the property, through the timber and into the meadows.  There is the restful sound of the water trickling over the rocks into a clear waterfall.  There is a deep hole of water just below the small waterfall, where the creek runs into a perfect swimming hole that has been enjoyed for years by kids in the area.

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The ranch has historically run over 65 head of cow/calf pairs and, at times, up to 80 head.

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There are 2 sets of corrals on the property.

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There is a 30' x 60' shop and a 65' x 70' hay barn.

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The ranch consists of a mixture from rough rocky ridges to hardwoods and wide open improved pasture.

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The rock home was built around 1988.   There are 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.  There is a one car attached garage.   The central heat and air unit was replaced in 2019.  The roof is about 20 years old.  The home is all electric with a place for a wood stove.  The property has 3 water wells and a Culligan water system

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A warm, charming, inviting and comfortable ranch home.

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Large rugged ranches border the West and North side of the ranch.  This attracts some monster bucks - see above.   With a few food plots put into place, this Wells Valley Ranch would be a great place to attract lots of game.  Indian Arrowheads can be found with just a bit of hunting.

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An almost perfect weekend get away where you can enjoy all the benefits of nature and run some livestock to boot.

There is an old shale pit on the property which could mean potential income.

Priced at $3,500/acre.

Call or text Cheyenne at 918-557-5308 for more information and to schedule a viewing.

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